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TFcon is this weekend and I’ll be there with a table FULL of prints!

Usually I try to do some sort of visual list showing off what i’ll have available but I just have so many that I’ll be bringing that it makes doing one for this show a bit hard. If you can think of one, I’ll probably have it!

DJD, Chromedome/Rewind, Optimus Prime, Dino-band, Rocket & Groot, Star-Lord Footloose, Grimlock, Megatron, WFC Bumblebee, Chromia, Zombie Kup and probably more that I’m forgetting! I’ve got some 11x17” prints as well as some 8.5x11” prints

Most of all, I’ll be bringing with me a limited amount of MTMTE prints that Nick Roche and I have done, most notably the MTMTE cast pics! So if you’ve been unable to make the trip to Auto Assembly I’ll have ya covered! [all 11x17!]

I’ll also be doing sketch commissions at the show! I’ve got some examples up on my tumblr [just the same thing i've posted here on DA; ] of what they’ll be [I’ll even have that specific Overlord one available at the show too]. Colored paper with some shading/highlights, and a splash of color [on 8.5x11 colored paper]

I didnt have any time to do any sort of pre-show list so first come first serve! I’ll be there preview night so be sure to stop by and get yours/get on the list!

See you in Chicago!!!

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Hope to say hello to you there!
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Aw man! I wish I could've gone! Have fun in the windy city! :wave: 
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Have fun, shame there are no conventions near me, that don't require a plane ticket
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I hope you have so much fun! I won't be there alas, but a large contingent of my usual posse will be. Say hello to Chromie in her "Girl Spike" cosplay for me. Again, hope you have an absolute blast!!
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Whoa, a Transformers convention without you there? This'll be so weird!
I'll be sure to say hey to all the friendsies! Looking forward to having a good time at the con :)
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ilu Josh. Go forth and be rich and famous!
have fun and pre-preemptive happy birthday
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