Lets do commissions!

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Yayyyy! haha.

Opening myself up to some commissions!

Got a pic needing some color?

Need some Josh-Art in ur life?

Hit me up via my site here: www.dcjosh.com/#!contact/cvrh

Prices vary according to what you have in mind, just shoot me an e-mail and we can talk!

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That's good to know and good info too.

Would be neat to get another neat art piece from you & support you again too,
-TF2 ^^
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Any chance of giving an example of what say a sketch commission would be?
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I need some Josh-Art in my life. how long will you be doing commishes?
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hm im not sure for how long! It seems like its gonna be a slow month work-wise so for probably a little while :)
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cool. i was actually gonna hit you up for something this month anyway. ;)
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you may not want to once i ask. :turbopoke: :mwahaha:
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As much as I like your art style, I'm spent for the month. D: How long will your commissions be open?
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Could you give some rough pricing estimates so I have a basic idea what to ask for, please? ^^; I might have an idea for a commission, I'd just like to know if it's gonna break my budget ahead of time. XD
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I offered another person the following:

sketch commission [8.5x11] for $25
For something more polished and colored, no bkg [11x17 inch sized] I'd do $75. $50 for just an inked piece
I've also colored a sketch cover for another guy for $40

Generally my pricings like $50/character [inked 11x17]
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Okay, thanks! A sketch commission sounds pretty doable. I'll have to ponder on what to ask for. Are there any restrictions on the kind of characters or content?
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Nothing TOO strict, I suppose?

I probably wouldnt do anything NSFW or what not but i'm down for just about any characters. I'll do an OC if I have some good reference to go off.
Just let me know :D
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Awesome! I'm sure lots of people will hit you up!
Hope all is well man!!!! 
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