Emerald City Comic Con!

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Just noticing I havent really announced it here yet, but this year i'll be over at ECCC in Seattle!
My first time at the show! I always hear such great things about this convention and this year i've finally remembered to go! haha.

I'll be at table N7 [the Mass Effect fan in me is elated!] with prints and doing commissions so if you're gonna be at the con be sure to stop on by!
I THINK I'll also be doing some giveaways, too. IDW contacted me and I think they're gonna give me some Optimus Prime books to sign and give away. I'll be sure to give some more details on that via twitter [go follow me there if you arent already! @ jcburcham

Anyways! I hope to see you guys there, March 2-5 :D
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