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soarin screamer pencils

drew this a week or two ago trying to get back into the drawing thing cuz i been colorin so dam much.
just recently got around to scanning it

colors comin....someday :P
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MP-03 is a fantastic looking figure, although the color choice is puzzling
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Now that you've colored him in all his glory can I take a stab at him too...
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Your style is very distinctive.
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Thanks, I got over eager to play around. so here is what I completed. Thought I would show you. [link] . Thanks for cheering me up.
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You based this on MP-03 Starscream right?
TheCelestialDemoness's avatar
Ahhh. VARY nice!!! :wow: I love it!! ^___^
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Can't wait for the colour version. Starscreamer looks good.
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thats tight work dude, i'm luvvin it :)
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Id say thats my fave piece of lineart you've done. Kickass man!
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May I try to colour this? I need something to lift my spirits
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sure :D

note me with your email and ill shoot the hi res over to ya [if ya want it]
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Looks great Josh. One of your best pieces of lineart.

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No wait scratch that, I wanna see how you color your master peice first "gigantic smile" I really love this pic though
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"drools" I knew drawing MP-O3 STARSCREAM would happen someday, now I must take a crack at it :D

BTW man that came out kick ass, Can I color him as MP-O6 SUNSTORM heehee
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