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Wreckers 4 pg1

By dcjosh
Well "Last Stand of the Wreckers" issue 4 hit stands this week [for most the world]

Cant say how bittersweet it is to be so close to the end now!

This first page here was drawn by the luscious Nick Roche
Inks by the stupendous Andrew Griffith :iconglovestudios:
and colors by the elustigating Josh Burcham [me >__> ]

Anyways! Rest of the other pages im posting were drawn by Guido Guidi :D

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Ok, this may sound really wierd, but in panel 4? Prowl's face... I can so see Prince Poppycock in his face in that panel. It's in the lips, the nose and the eyes - they all scream Prince Poppycock.

(Yes, I know this was a stupid comment, I'll just shut up now.) ^.^
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great page!!!!!!!
jam1220's avatar
I'm gonna assume something bad has happened
Or someone let the Dinobots walk outside by theirselves either way great picture
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I thought this was probably the only one done by Roche in the preview, although it's surprisingly hard to tell the difference.

I love the details in this one. Especially the holes everywhere. Does Ironfist need to be more careful with his experiments? X3
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The Owen Wilson noses always give away Nick's work.
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That is a fantastic page!
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i can't wait to get the comic.

nice art though :D
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SWEET! Hey, how did you doo the light and dark shading in the monitor screen where prowl is?
dcjosh's avatar
you mean the scan lines or whatever? :D
dcjosh's avatar
how do you mean?
psychomud's avatar
Perfect example, on pannel 3 its only of Prowl's face. If you look closely - the colors have a slight light and dark set of gradient lines - similiar to what you see when you see someone's PC via a TV broadcast - due to refresh rate being different to tv refresh rate.

Hope that makes sense. ;-)
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Geez, Nick surely knew how to dig those, erhm- Lusciouslipslolz. But I like it nontheless. And aww, hoping for that issue to come out very soon. Man I felt sorry about recent events today. =-=
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Between you and *SSJMihoshi, poor Prowl is going to have to fend off people trying to kiss him at this rate. X3
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