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Wreck and Rule print

Managed to squeeze this out just in time for Botcon [NEXT WEEK! AHH]

If you're headin on over to Botcon be sure to look me up in Artist Alley and nab a print! [be it this one or one of my many other, mostly MTMTE, prints that I'll have for sale!]
I'll be posting some more information like which specific prints I'll have and maybe some prices and stuff like that within the next couple days.

Looking forward to the show! Always fun to get out and meet everyone!
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Nice nod to Transformers Animated's Japanese intro here :)
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Awesome, but I wish Roadbuster and Whirl were there. :(
darkspire17's avatar
totaly not the ending of TFA
Caiobella's avatar
Awesome Overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaizer617's avatar
If I'm not mistaken, the inspirational basis for this was the Japanese opening title of Transformers: Animated.
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sweet drawing man
redconvoy's avatar
Great job!  The colors look great too!  
LordoftheVillains's avatar
Alright what joke can I use?...
*pulls a cabinet full of jokes* too corny...too dark...too...happy
......Ah, found it!!!
"They're all gonna die."
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You did a great job with this! Good blend of seriousness and showing character personality!
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WOW, I love the characters and their colouring! I also love the design and the Xantium in the sky! XD

Also, isn't that Prowl's eyes? XD
dcjosh's avatar
And yeah, I see those as Prowl's optics xD
That schemer!
victortky's avatar
Only thing left is him with steepling fingers. XD
markerguru's avatar
cool :D I will pick one up when I see you :)
Snukastyle's avatar
I would love this print!  Alas, I haven't had the opportunity to attend a Botcon.  At least, not yet.
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
It came out great! Thanks again for streaming; it's always neat to hang out and watch over your shoulder as the magic happens. See ya in a week! :) 
MikePriest83's avatar
What ship is that in the sky?  Is that the Xantium?

Fantastic work as always, Josh!
dcjosh's avatar
Sure is!

GeneralMechanics's avatar
but are those eyes in the background the Xanthium's robot mode?!
dcjosh's avatar
I like the thought, but no! I drew them to be Prowl's [not that you could really tell either way!]
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