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War for Cybertron Prime

so news broke of this new Transformers video game coming out sometime in 2010 called "Transformers: War for Cybertron"

its all set on Cybertron and everyones got these sick lookin pre-earth designs

im diggin the idea so much that i slappedup a rough sketch of Prime

I think the Optimus design looks kinda G2-ish from the little shots from the game so :P

fun stuff
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>< the ax looks like its as big as him.
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Your style is awesome, I would love to see an entire comic drawn like this! :D also love the colored triangles you've got going up the left side, it reminds me of the text bubbles from the G2 comics X)
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hehe thanks!
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Did Somebody make Optimus mad?
awesome. I love how it looks so primitive and old.
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i like the new designs they're badass i downloaded the demo and it WILL blow you away.
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yah i been playin the heck out of it

i love it <3
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same here it is awesome even though you dont experience much i think the full game will be 100x better
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yeah. im anxiously awaiting release date :D
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yeah i'd say this is a big thing coming out for transformer fans
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I like how primitive the lines are which forces you to look at Optimus not just as a leader, but a warrior fully capable of holding his own against Megatron.

Very nice!
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Yeah, what TGping said!

It's cool that after Animated, Prime's axe seems to be getting more love.

Don't get me wrong, though: I still like his gun and the "gar-ZHUMP-ZHUMP!" sound. (That's how I spell it anyways)
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YOU ARE AWESOME at drawing
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well... I like this version :D
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Really? Will they have thier G1 looks? That sounds soo awsome so far! :w00t:
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:faint: :la: Thank you sooo much! Now im sharing it on my journal! I love it,yes this is what ive been looking for in a video game! :w00t:
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That is one Prime you wouldn't want to mess with. D:

I love it!
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Nicely done! reminds me of primal, with his gorrilla like stance :)
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Super awesome! :3
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nice :O i like the colors and texture :)
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