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The Wreckers

Gonna be at Auto Assembly? Be sure to hunt down Nick Roche for this brand new Wreckers print [with colors by yours truly!]

[And if you're unable to make the trek across the pond there's a good chance I'll have these at TFcon Charlotte in October]
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Hubcase and Verity, you deserve more as much as they had!!!
The one thing I don't like about this picture is that Ironfist is tiny and hard to spot.
Is there somewhere that I can purchase this print? Thanks!
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Who is the big guy on the left?
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The grey guy on the far far left? Thats Broadside :D
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The triple changer?

It's been awhile so I am not up to date on the looks etc...

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I just realized, if Springer wakes up in Sins of the Wreckers, he's gonna be REALLY shellshocked from all the changes that have happened.
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It's amazing how popular you guys made C and Z list characters.
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Oh no!  Now I have to get Springer out of storage and play with it a little.

Man, that is such an awesome figure.  Thanks for the awesome group picture to remind me!
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I GOTTED ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
Great colors, thar, pal. Thanks for always providin' teh Pretteh. :heart:
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Wait...Arcee's a Wrecker?
Arcee was officially a Wrecker in the 3H comicbook continuity.

In the IDW continuity, she's associated with them but not a formal member.
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I forgot about that.
I had to look it up on the Transformers Wiki- I was as confused as you were to see her.
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To be fair I asked this back in 2015 and didn't think about it.
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AFT! Fantastic as always, I've been away for a few weeks and come back to see this. Wish I could've been at Auto Assembly :(

I still need to finish the one I've been working on.
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PS. can't wait for SotW!!
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So when will we get a Verity figure scaled to generations springer? :P
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