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Here it is

I may go back and do some retouching but its pretty much done here

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One of them is called "Nosecone". I will never get over that.

The Sons of Grimlock! love these guys even if Computron can be a bit of a pain
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could I get names...? well i know names but can't match them up(havn't spent much time with the technobots)
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Awesome picture! The Technobots were one of my favorite combiner series of transformers. :D
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Mine too. Those were mine first and only Combiners-group. By the way, Lightspeed and Afterburner can become different limbs. Lightspeed can also become an arm and Afterburner a leg. But does Scattershot look like a kind of a Prime? The crest on his forehead and both sides of his head looks like a design of the head of Optimus Prime, but without his mouthplate.
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I wondered if those two could become different limbs but didn't see anything in the directions.  (At least that I remember now anyway.)  :)  

Now that you mention it... Scattershot does look like a prime.  :D
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I mean the Generation 1 Technobots. If you turn Lightspeed around so that you finally see the white bottom, there is a sort of connecting rod in the middle that looks like a headless and neckless head. You then have to raise it so that it is upright. If you then connect it to the combiner port that is in Scattershot's arm, then you have lightspeed in arm mode. And Afterburner you can simply connect in robot form with the leg of Scattershot.…

Here do you see the alternative combination of Generations 1 computron. It's the second picture in the 'Photograph and Images of Computron' section.
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Spiffy!  The picture puts it together for me.  Thank you for sharing!  :dance: I love the G1 Technobots form.  A part of me just wishes Hasbro would just make the old toy models instead of redoing everything.  

I know there are sellers out there for G1 knockoffs but sometimes it gets quite expensive.  Heck back in the day the G1 toys were expensive too!  :) 
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Yay for Technobots! ;)
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That's a bit of pretty amazing art right there!
Great work! The Techies rock!
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Nice, one of my favourite Transformers episodes (well, where Grimlock creates the Technobots and Computron)
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I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really great job!!!
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Haha, my favorite Combiner. Abominus would like a word...
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Hey my favorite Combiners the Technobots! Well Done
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I almost owned all these guys! I'm just missing their leader, Scattershot.
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Awesome! The Technobots are my all-time favorite Autobot combiner team, next to the Protectbots. Great job!
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Me too. They're both underrated imo.
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I still can't remember which two of these guys I have. Still a kick ass TF pic.
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Awesome shot of the Technos in action!
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Man thats so awsome, the back ground looks amazing and the colour is sweet as, great work
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