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TFMovie TargetDVD comic

Here's the cover for a comic that will be available with the upcoming "Transformers" DVD only at Target

this pic, of course, sans text/logos/robovision FX

Lines by Don Figueroa
colors by me

[the comic will be a full 22 paged comic with art by Don Fig and Andy Wildman. Colors by yours truly. Definately try to pick it up if you can! its pretty slick :3
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Awsome work! I have a copy of this inside my very rare special edition DVD :)
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Starscream looks so awesome.
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There surely is alot to be said about Megs teetth - the thought itself is unsettling, I always got the feeling he was going to bite Prime xD
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pretty cool looking. i like whats going on in the background. colored lineart is always something i like.
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This picture is awesome! I especially love Starscream! :+fav:.

I also apologize, because when I when I was faving this picture, I pushed "Request Print" by accident, and it looks like I can't seem to undo it. I need sleep.
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so cooooooooooool
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Awsome work, as always.
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great as always
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Reflection of the Target prequel comic given out at the theaters during the first week's run! Megatron in place of Prime, Starscream mirroring Bumblebee! :D
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ooh very nice!
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Great art, shame Target stores don't exist here in England :(
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Looks like I gotta run to Target and Best Buy to pick up some movie goodies.
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Awesome color work. Is this going to be with the 2-Disc Edition DVD, or the single? :3
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hm...not really sure

could be both i dunno
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I thoguht the movie would come out next year, but I'm definitely gonna get the DVD. I'm gonna camp outside 'till the store opens. << >> Not really. My mom would kick my ass if she found out I did that.XD I CAN'T WAIT!!!^^
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wow the DVD is coming out so soon o.O??
I thought it won't come out 'til next year or something XD
Definitely picking this up ;)!!
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Ah Target, like Hot Topic you thwart me with your lack of Canadian presence and your abundance of exclusives. Damn you dirty apes!

Great Job.

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