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TFAnimated Arrival 4 Cover


So November's Solicitations hit the net today over at ComicNewsI [link] and among the title's is IDW's TF:Animated mini-series!

Whats so special about this issue? Well I man-handled them into letting me draw a cover for it! lol

Was REALLY fun getting to be able to do this. I'm a huge TF:Animated fan so i was pretty excited at the opportunity.

This cover ended up being pretty cool too! Well, not just how it looks but how I created it. It started off as a layout sketch on 8.5x11. I was gonna re-draw it on 11x17 but the initial sketch just really lost the angle and feel of the pic. So what i ended up doing was blowing the scan up to 11x17 and digitally tracing my layout sketch xD

So this is an all digital image from the line art to colors. So i'm pretty excited about that! Doesnt look too bad and keeps the clean line feel from the show

Anyways, I hope you guys dig it!

This makes my third [and hopefully not the last] cover that i've fully Illustrated :D

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hehehehehe...apsolutely loved
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:heart: Space poncho!
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why does he even hve the poncho XD
anyway nice cover very pro
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cuz its AWESOME xD
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ooh, I've done that once or twice.It's funny how you canget it right the first time and then just never hit the spot ahain :O
BTW, thanks for the fave on my Megatron pic :D
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this is really cool! lockdown is one of my favorites from animated good job!
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he's one of my favorites too :3
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I can tell your work is absolutely amazing and all I saw was this on your profile. Anyways, I love the depth in the starry sky, as well as the interesting perspective on Lockdown's ship and Lockdown himself. Please, this is lovely, keep it up!
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Sooo gorgeous! ^.^
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I saw this and said aloud..."ooooOOoo"....rad man.
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thanks man!!
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Smexy Poncho! Every bot needs one. =D
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This is way cool man! :D
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This is all sorts of Amazing! Lockdown is one cool character. :)
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argh I can't believe I missed this! ): Only now when I read the Arrival #4 and checked the credits, I digged into your gallery and found it. August was such an evil month for me...

Kudos for you, man -- Lockdown's so badass there! Glad you made it to the covers and sincerely hope won't be the last one! :D
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i really hope it wont be the last as well lol

it was definitely fun

i know i'm not the best at drawing but i sure love to do it now and then :D

thanks again!
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I'm sure it won't ;D

hey don't say that -- your drawings are great!

heh np I'm really happy for you :D
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lovely! the angle's great. I love that you drew him with his poncho on and his ship in the back looks great! awesome stuff!
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