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TF Reign of Starscream 3 cover

So June 08's solicitations have been posted and i've been hiding this pic on my hard drive for a couple weeks!

its been so hard not showing this off! lol

but man..i love colorin James Raiz's art. Wish i could color more of it :D

So yeah! Here's the cover for the 3rd issue of the Transformers: Reign of Starscream movie sequel-prequel comic xD

Cover art by James Raiz
Colors by me :D

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epic coloring on this pic, my friend
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Very nice stuff :star:
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This is just breathtaking.
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mastery! in every respect of the word!
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the details and colouring are simply outstanding :wow:
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it doesnt matter how many times i watch it...its such an orgasmic piece!!!
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oh gawd *drools over awesomeness* that must of took forever to do XD
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Im gonna be honest, I like this arcee better than the one from the ROTF Movie.
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I agree, this arcee is very fluid and fun to look at^^ ROTF arcee....not so much lol
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This art is amazing...but now I'm dead confused

So... unless i read this comic i won't understand what's going on in the sequel to the 2007 film? I do like transformers a lot, but i never seem to be able to keep up with them. And i really do think they're stretching the idea a bit too far by putting female Autobots into it.

But I have no negative thoughts towards your art. It's simply amazing and breathtaking. Optimus' solemnity is captured wonderfully here in the colours. Wonderful!
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nah. just because you dont read the comics wont mean you wont have any idea whats going on in the upcoming sequel movie

this stuff is kinda more like bonus or supplemental material.

Nobody really expects you or anybody in the general populace to follow all of this stuff. If you had to know all this to get the movie then thatd be a pretty poor strategy. so yeah. if you dont read it, dont'll be fine :D
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Ah, then that's alright.

But i wouldn't mind getting them. I'll probably get them way after i watch the sequel, just so i can see how everything links.

Thanks a bunch!
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Wow thats amazing
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Awesome =D i love how arcee looks i dont see any problem with the head
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Dude, I'm attempting to at least TRY drawing the movie style..everytime I see more pictures I get more discouraged because of all the stuff to do..but yet I also get incouraged because I'm a stickler and OCD for detail
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Oh my gosh that's awesomeness! *stares in awe for hours*
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