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TF Movie Prequel no3

IDW's posted a 5 page preview today and Issue 3 hits shelves this week [ i think :P]

so make sure to check it out!

Lines by Don Figueroa
Colors by moi

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Bumblebee's first steps on Planet Earth.
LarryKane's avatar
Favorite form of Bee ever, 1977 Camaro, i love it!!!!!
Lugnut1995's avatar
This is the clearest picture of Bumblebee before he scanned the new Camaro, nice.
Sylphxpression's avatar
Wow. Might have to find that comic... Like naow....
Lugnut1995's avatar
You should get it, the artwork and story is awesome.
RenaRoo's avatar
:wow: Absolutely amazing! Great work!
Yondercat's avatar
awesome. i can't believe i haven't seen this one yet
JamesMorrow07's avatar
Yussss! I like comic book styled artwork. It's fantasic.
radicalpoptart's avatar
Wow, you both did and excellent job! Fabulous.
ZeHornet's avatar
Oh, i just can´t get enough of looking at your art, it´s simply amazing how you imagine these tall monsters in our world x3 Extremely well done :)
Sargasso737's avatar
That is just plain cool!
TheCelestialDemoness's avatar
Wow! That pic's amazing. O.O
Shellsweet's avatar
Awesome colors!!!!
BravePhantom's avatar
Caladbolgsama's avatar
I do that all the time in the game with Bumblebee :XD:
Fact-N-Fiction's avatar
I think I just peed my self O_O... Can not wait for this movie, My Uncle, lcuky baster, and his son, did the helicopet air shots and filming for the Movie. So I feel pretty special that some one in my family plaid a part, a small one but a part.
dcjosh's avatar
ah thats VERY cool
Fact-N-Fiction's avatar
YEa that is what I thought when I found out... thought they could have told me sooner instead of like 2 months before the movie that they did it... but O well better late than never. But I love the Picture.
CliffeArts's avatar
The blue and yellow really help each other out. Great work with this picture, your work always amazes me. You have made Bumblebee look so awesome!

I love you :D
twincastX's avatar
sweet colors!!!
dylanliwanag's avatar
Wow, hot damn! :) Nice work, dude!
YamiBroly777's avatar
I've Found that the new Transformers have
an extreme amount of detail to them, so...

(Gets on Knees)
Worships for making them look drawable and F***in'
awesome at the same time.
fargnay's avatar
awesome josh!!! Is the best pic of my fav TF so far!!! It took me a while to get used to the new designs, but now I like'em all...(still missing meg's arm megacannon though). It sucks that there`s no way I can get the comics down here in Pucon, Chile.
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