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TF Movie Prequel 4

And here's the wraparound cover for issue #4 of IDW's Transformers Movie Official Prequel [out now]

Tradepaperback version comes out like next month i think

check it out!

[and the new trailer! @___@]

lines by Don Figueroa
colors by me
[flats by my friend Mark]
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uomie's avatar
Oh my gosh I like the details a lot and the coloring too.
RealMrsOptimusPrime's avatar
Love it hun Optimus looks wanderful Keep up the wanderful art work :) Mrs. Optimus Prime Out.
drake-fighter-0127's avatar
Whoa, totally AWESOME scene!!!
Jinbeizamezama's avatar
decepticons so big! win win! yay!
Miyormi's avatar
Can I get this as a tattoo on my ass?
BombSoldier's avatar
looked like there were two ironhides at first
artisaucy's avatar
this movie was the sh!t
daydreamerMabel's avatar
I've seen this pic floating around, but I was never able to find the source. Now I have! :D Snazzy pic!

Bigfish19912's avatar
I Freakin Loved That Movie! nice pic.
kisire's avatar
:omfg: That movie was so awesome!!!! xD
This pic is great!!! I love it! ^^ You captured all of them beautifully!
Caladbolgsama's avatar
GOD this movie's gonna be SO awesome!!! :D
I couldn't wait, so I got the game for the PS2 :XD:
asterisk-2's avatar
dude i just saw that movie and megatron is way brutal than he is in cartoons!he immediatley kills anyone or anything he doesnt like
Zhen-Chan's avatar
Haha, love the "Hi, I'm here too :3" kind of vibe Frenzy & Scorponok are radiating.
DSil's avatar
Fantastic! The level of detail and intricacy of the composition is really impressive, and it's all so beautifully rendered. Wonderful image!
Northern-Lights-sky's avatar
Ha Ha this stuff is insane dude. Blackout looks pissed.

(little soundbyte in the corner)
Onikaizer's avatar
This COVER!!! i want it!!! the composition of this multi character cover is amazing!, great flow
kerfufflecolor's avatar
Well on one level this is really good. On another level this rocks.

So choose your level good or rocks? haha

Great work man
MinodaPL's avatar
oh wow!!!!!!!! amazing work!!
thinkbomb's avatar
these colors look uber crisp! awesome work!
Robo-Bug's avatar
Great colors, man. :) Love me some TF's :D
TheBoo's avatar
nice bro, some of them actually look like transformers :)
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