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Sins of the Wreckers 1 pg5

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Out this month, the sequel to the "Last Stand of the Wreckers" is here!
Lines by Nick Roche and colors by yours truly
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Sharpman01Hobbyist General Artist
That box on the bottom panel...there will be significance.
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JohnnyFive81Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work so far, I rather like the retro colouring style.
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's definitely been a shift getting used to this new color style. To be clear, I'm NOT BASHING IT. I always say, one of my favorite things about (aka reason you're Color-God #1) you is that you color in so many different ways. But this is VERY DIFFERENT, especially from Wreckers 1.0. It's so ominous and broody and repressed. I'm scared of what this story will bring based on the colors alone! I sometimes miss the reference-worthy clarity of color on the bots, but probably that's because I unconsciously think I need to know what everyone's "real" colors are for some unknown future coloring project of my own! I was glad to see that the whole issue wasn't all subdued -- the noisemaze section was LIKEWHOA. Dang, sir. And there's a whole rainbow of hues used in various sections -- it's not like you decided to go monochrome. It's just...... definitely an adjustment. I'm looking forward to when the series is all out and I can read it as a whole, because I'm sure that you and Nick have done some really interesting things with tone and story.
My point is, I'm glad the fandom has reached the point where trying unexpected things is possible. You're pushing me. This is a good thing. Wreckers has never been a series about making its readers comfortable. *Steels my poor bruised and battered soul*
I'm just so darn glad you're still coloring robots!
Please don't ever leaves us for too long! *throws self to floor and grabs your ankle* (Though I am seriously glad you've gotten to do things like Samurai Jack and 24.)
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dcjoshProfessional Digital Artist
awww thanks!!!! I dont even know the right words to reply to this other than "thank you!" and "I'm glad you dont hate it!" haha. Super appreciate hearing your thoughts! They're always a bajillion times more articulate and insightful than the usual "they lewk guud" or "i hates it" comments [IF there's any comments about the colors at all to begin with!]
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Ha-HeePrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw man! You just made my night, pal. I'm very glad to hear that these ramblings aren't annoying.
Now get back to work! ;p