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SDCC Maximum Dinobots2

This here's another cover shown off recently in an interview with Chris Ryall and Simon Furman for Maximum Dinobots!

A new 5 issue mini-series coming out from IDW Publishing

you'll find the likes of Simon Furman writing, Nick Roche pencilling, and yours truly layin down some colors for this mini when it hits later this year!

This one was pretty fun to do in that I had to overlay this Klaus Scherwinski cover from All Hail Megatron onto all the exploding pieces of rubble >:}

All Hail Grimlock!

Hope you guys dig it!
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omg!!! i got this comic!!! badass!!!!
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the detail put into grimlock busting through the comic is exquisite, especially how you've duplicated (or is it yours?) the signature on the cover.
3r6O's avatar
A very intimidating, yet awesome cover! Can't wait for the Dinos!
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All hail Grimlock King! :D
raptorclans's avatar
Haha... All Hail Grimlock... I ordered this one man. Keep up the good work!
AndyTurnbull's avatar
Looks great, really looking forward to this series.

cybersamuri's avatar
Kick@$$, Grimlock bustin out and takin names.
coyotepack's avatar
All Hail Grimlock; Badass of the Autobots!!!
kurisama's avatar
This looks pretty bad ass dude! :D
WhiteRabbitInk's avatar
Lookin' good man, glad to hear you're on this series!
AlphaRaptor2k6's avatar
Knew Big G(not Godzilla, wuss) wouldn't let Megs "steal the show" so to speak and have all the power/fun/carnage for himself.
NuclearConvoy's avatar
I'm looking forward to this series the most of all my upcoming reads.
FrankORourke's avatar
Interesting concept and cool introduction reminds me of the classic Marvel covers.

What's up with Grimlock's red hands and Optimus Prime head? :(

His dinomode is awesome though, it resembles Transmetal 2 megatron.
BrenGun's avatar
wow i love this cover!!!!! great job man!!!!!!!!!!!!
ixzidian2031's avatar freakn...awsome!
fargnay's avatar
wonderful job, man! instant fav:)
AssaultGodzilla's avatar
ME GRIMLOCK KING! He's my favorite.
Taybrian1's avatar
That's really cool. (I just noticed that he has Optimus's head on a stick.)
AlphaRaptor2k6's avatar
No, thats just part of the background he's coming through.

Look closer and you will see both of Grimlock's hands are in fists(with nothing but hurting in them) ready to pound.
Taybrian1's avatar
Oh wow, I'm dumb! Note to self, never look at pictures when sleepy.

Still, it's an awesome picture.
dyiyi's avatar
WOW!!!that's Grimlock!!!!!!
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