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Regeneration One #82 SENIOR cvr

Today's the day! The beginning of DINOBOT MONTH begins with Transformers: Regeneration One issue #82!

I've been SUPER lucky in that I get to be a part of this special series by doing colors on the covers by the legendary Marvel UK TF artist Geoff Senior!

Hope you guys enjoy the cover! Make sure you pick up the issue! Its out today in shops both physical and digital!

Lines by Geoff Senior
Colors by me! [Josh Burcham]
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Crisis-Comics's avatar
Grimlock VS Grimlock? Well, I know who I'm betting on...
Phenometron's avatar
Definitely a superb meeting of two selves.
Keystar01's avatar
The only Bot who can defeat Grimlock is...
TheScarletMercenary's avatar
I don't know if i should consider this murder or suicide...
wordmongerer's avatar
Probably my favourite cover so far.
Kingoji's avatar
I must own this.
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
Geoff is one of the all time TF greats
AndyTurnbull's avatar

Seriously, words are not enough to say how happy this cover makes me feel!
Jam-Wah's avatar
Oh my giddy aunt! My all-time favourite TF artist, coloured by my all-time favourite TF colourist.

After Mr Senior's short story in the UK post-movie comic was coloured so incredibly out of sync with his style, I'm very glad to see you get it right. The perfect mix of retro and modern. If you two ever do an issue, I'll implode. Please make me implode. Please.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
One can say Grimlock is in a little conflict with himself...
Gavinlimkj's avatar
This makes me think : Reverse Action Masters. Where they get stuck in their alt modes. XD
hellbat's avatar
Love the retro look on this.
channandeller's avatar
oh HELLS YES! this is the partnership i've been waiting for .
GRIML0CK122's avatar
dcjosh's avatar
haha. i imagine that would be exactly what Grimlock would be saying here :D
exceedinglyspherical's avatar
Ooer, can't wait to read this!
sugarum's avatar
Eeeeee! I'm definitely buying this issue. Wonderful work. C:
KrisSmithDW's avatar

Oh man, I loved Geoff's art back in the G1 comic days, I dunno what it was but I absolutely loved any issue he drew, he was my fave G1 artist :D
CavemanFTI's avatar
Mmmmmmmmmm Grimlock
DarkShinobi666's avatar
Great job on the colors! I can't wait to pick this up.
kingwrench's avatar
You did a great job of making this look old without it being outdated. Whatever filter you put on works great.
Destron23's avatar
Nice colours as always! :D I love how despite these being warm colours, they're all a cold version of warm colours.
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