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ROTF Jet Convoy headshot

By dcjosh
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"Give me your face!"

"I rise, you fall!"

ah...classic Optimus Prime quotes


Did this after lookin at the concept art for ROTF's "Jet Convoy"
[yup. thats what i'm callin him and theres nothin you can do about it lol]

love this design!


pencil sketch with some photoshop colors by moi

hope you dig!
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Total Zanshin! Excellent!
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With a few tweaks here and there and we has a Gundam. Nah LOL LOL, this is an interesting take on Optimus. I don't mind Jet Convoy.
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I am making a you tube movie about Transformers.
With your permission I would like to use this in the video.
The credit for the picture will go to you.
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Love it hun this is a wanderful job Optimus he's a wanderful warrier :) and My Husband ;) love it keep up the wanderful work hun :) Mrs. Optimus Prime out :love:
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nice work my friend
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for prime.
for justice.
for forever.
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The second time I saw RotF, I nearly gave in to the urge to yell "Sonic Wing Mode!" in the theater. >.> What can I say, I actually enjoyed Cybertron. ^^;

Anyway, cool piece here. I especially like the look on his face. Totally fits the moment in the movie.
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I like the way he's stares at you and that he differs from his beat up self!
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Wonderful work~! :love: He's just so cool!
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this is awesome to the max
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ROTF had its flaws. But Prime's badassery made up for those.
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Looks fantastic! "Jet Convoy" seems like a very appropiate name for him too.
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I love your stuff more with every passing day.
Complete awesomeness!
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looks really awesome! :wow:

and I totally agree with you, Jet Convoy is the perfect name for him :nod: (Jet Optimus sounds weird sometimes ^^; even in Armada)
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my nerdyness has just exploded :) this is sheer awesome
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You know what? I do dig it! :D

My best medium is my trusty ball point pen and colored pencils! :) I been drawing like that for 27 years and i also love making my own TF comics.Everyone has said it looks better then what i used before on photoshop.
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Wow! Great job! Optimus says a lot with just his optics.
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You seriously need to make some wallpapers out of this. Very nice!
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i love his face..tis much better than the face the actual bayformer has XD this is great! Colours work really well!
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looks great!!!!!!
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Optimus Prime is at his peak of badassery on the movies. :3
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