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ROTF Jet Convoy Charity

"I rise! You fall!"

And here it is!!


hehe. So i talked about it a little when i posted the pencils but the original pencil line art to this pic will [hopefully] be donated to Auto Assembly this year where they will be auctioning off the original artwork for this pic. Proceeds will go to one of the charity's they have lined up

If you go to Auto Assembly this year make sure you stop by and give 'em some support. I think think its an awesome cause

but anyways. here's some colors ;)
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Awesome picture
Emoticon Emotorise
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This is amazing! :D I don't have a lot time to go through the rest of your gallery right now, but all of it looks equally incredible. *awe*
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i literally squee'd like a fangirl when he got his wings since it's whathe used to have in the older cartoons.<3
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Freakin' sweet Josh, I had no idea you were such a great line artist in your own right. Kudos my friend!
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Amazing work!!
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really nice work
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That...if I ever saw that...I'd crap myself...
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Whoa, totally BAD ASS!!!
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Oh God... that's just brilliant. Great work!
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awsome pic classic motto.
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very awesome~!
and the movie is great too~ :D
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that's amazing.
i loved that line from the movie!
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Should...should I give him my face as a peace offering?
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woow sweet upgrade, that canon is huge
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