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ROTF Jet Convoy

By dcjosh
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Man i just love this design so much. He looks so cool

So i did a little sketch and splashed some color on it :D

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Never liked the name "convoy".
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I want to draw as good as you!
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bravo! you can simplify it!! mine is very complex xp [link]
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i love the detail
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yes he does! :boogie:
a shame he lost those, kinda makes your sad for Jetfire..
love your lines!!! =D
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then after that he kicked ass
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He looks awesome - nice job!
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Spectacular! I love the combo of movie and cartoon, the way you did this.

And agreed, it is an amazing design in the movie.
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love the style here. Well done! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Thats so cool. and i still haven't found a proper image of remder from the movie yet :)
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that was one of the few things done really well in the movie. imho. great work.
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Just so you know, this is enough to *almost* make me like the whole combiner-Prime thing...

Love your style, as always. This one is really working. Love the spikiness.
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Is that Optimus? Totally Awesome!!!
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*This is how we bring the pain in my day* best quote evea
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That was the best scene in the movie when he took off flying awesome sketch.
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Dude !! It's awesome !!
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Great take on a fun design :)
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that's awesome -- Prime was really badass in the movie
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he was way badass


thanks :D
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That's an awesome quick sketch there.

I have to admit, I loved the design in the movie but did Jetfire REALLY have to do that to himself to achieve that result? Or were they worried that if Jetfire was alive when they combined that everyone'd think that Prime was a robosexual or something (or that Jetfire was just a dirty old bot)?

On on hand: Robosexual... On the other: wearing another bot's skin Buffalo Bill style... hmmm...?

Will we find prime in the third movie locking bots in deep pits and getting them to smear oil and grease all over their chassis now that he's had a taste of wearing another bot's body parts? "It rubs the lotion in..."

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