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Optimus Prime WFC

well I did another one

this time more of a full body shot

fun stuff!!!

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I LOVE his pose!
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You know? I got Transformers War for Cybertron and I've played and it's amazing.
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Its a cool game!
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Awesome man! I'm really looking forward to this game.

(Even though I've got nothing to play it on... lol)
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Ehrm, you may never wanna know what I did THIS.

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Really wicked stuff, the look the WfC characters have really really works well with your style! :D
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Great work on this!
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Very nice. I seriously cannot wait for this game...
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this is amazing. I'm really hoping the game would be good
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That fun stuff came out awsomely! :la: :w00t:
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I actually like the bold, chunky, gritty look of G2. It really makes everything look smack in the center of a war zone.
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I love this design! great stuff man!
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this version of Prime is so badass! cool style you did here (funny how the triangles on the left remind me so much of G2) -- totally diggin' it!
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G2 is totally what i was goin for ;)

thank ya!
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shoulda called it Optimus Prime XLR. ;)
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That's amazingly awesome!
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:O looks soo good! designs and effects are great :D
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Very cool love the washed out colors and G2 reference on the side. Keep it up!
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So badass he's losing his head, lol.:XD:
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I am digging the G2 look of this Optimus. Very slick.
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G2-influenced is definitely what i was goin for :D
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i loke how BIG he is, like ammo would just bounce off him and explode elsewhere
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