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so i saw a buncha people doing Nightwing pics for :iconskratchjams:

its so easy to go the minimalist approach with characters like these!

so i took the silhouette of another pic [i know. sue me. but i dont have a scanner so i cant draw anything right now and have it able to show here :P]

and i did this pic! took me a few minutes to find the original again, cuz im a nice guy and wanna give credit, and i come to find that the pic i based this on is based on another someone elses pic! lol

i dont care who you are thats funny :P

so yeah!

Here's Nightwing!

after :iconriderb0y: after :iconmarciotakara:


the ultimate collaboration! xD

i know this probably doesnt count as an entry to the skratch jaAam. but i'll try and do one more "for reals" [and kinda in line with that old batman pic i did here before the deadlines up :P
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I love how you used the background as part of his shirt, it's a really cool way to use the space and to imply lines
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do you have it in blue?
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I dont, but it wouldnt be too hard to shift the colors on this, heh
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I'm also not a fan of the red costume (give me back my blue, please) but this is sooooooo awesome *-*
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Im not a fan of the red costume but this is just awesome
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One word awesome
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that's pretty fracking cool
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I want to see you coloring batman for DC one day, deal?
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hah, i would so totally love to <3
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This is absolutely effin' gorgeous to look at! the simple sillouette with the red is so visually pleasing I may just break up with my girlfriend lol. however, this may just be me, but did you consider changing the skin color to just a silhouette or a lighter tone?
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awesome work , I love the simplistic style and the power of the image , fave !
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Very nice rendition of the new costume! This may be inspired by another artist(s) work, but the results are hard to argue with. The color, composition, and overall feeling of this piece is just phenomenal. Really like the red sky. Any nod to Batman TAS is ok in my book.

I love how even though this is not an action heavy shot, he still looks like he's about to thrash some bad guy.
Not bad! Wish his new costume had the arm stripes, but your render is sweet.
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nightwing looks mad . . is he supposed to be so? -hiddes=
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love it...but you should totally do it in blue
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This looks great! I'd love to see a Batman companion piece!
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Love the color scheme, awesome job well done.
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really awesome!!!!
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yeah this is a cool idea!
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