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Movie UK reprint cover

Well Ryall just posted this pic up on his blog so i figure its alright to post it here!

This is the second cover Nick and I have done for the UK stuff [the other one for another issue hasnt been seen yet... *tease* xD]


but here ya go!

nothin like a Nick Roche/Josh B collab xD

tried to capture the end of the movie/final battle with this pic. dunno if i nailed it but ah well...hope you dig it ;D
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Through-the-movies's avatar
Wow, awesome see Ratchet and Jazz fighting in this pic.
Tigergilles's avatar
Wow! There are so many details to be drawn and to be colorized, you never get lost?
dcjosh's avatar
oh im sure i did

i saw the inks to that when i first got it and had to take a deep breath before coloring it. lol
Tigergilles's avatar
Yeah, I can imagine that. We all take a deep breath before attacking the colors, hehe.
TransFlashbacks's avatar
Very cool! The glare on the saw might be a tiny bity much, though.
blackravendesign's avatar
Awsome, great shot so to speak and great job colouring too.
GarrettVFinazzo's avatar
I love how it goes from nothing to everything. very dramatic.
Nortstar's avatar
Fantastic !!!
Klika-lio's avatar
WoW very artistic poses:)
Empress-Eerian-Sadow's avatar
i think you nailed the final battle feel perfectly. its awesome.
BlackwingRose's avatar
Ratchet looks great in this :) Well done!
Zombie-Lemon's avatar
Wow, I love the details you've gone into! :D
leo7th's avatar
cosmic-cricket's avatar
Gorgeous details! I bet that was loads of fun to make. :)
shongsalomon's avatar
Wow!!! I'm not good at Megas, but this is absolutely awesome!!! :omfg:
Dreamhead2's avatar
Details, over details! Incredible!!
ModalMechanica's avatar
very cool very detaled and vibrant, but it really did take me a while to figure out what was going on
Richsii's avatar
I think you captured it pretty well. I mean i could instantly recognize where the inspiration for the cover came from without even reading the description. That says something yeah?
totmoartsstudio2's avatar
love the lighting on this one!
SuNsHiGgY's avatar
woh dang-! awesome! @3@
NINJALALA's avatar
Ratch' an Jazz! sweet!
QymaenjaiSheelal's avatar
akins7075's avatar
Not A Huge Transformers Fan, Although I Know Almost Everything About It. It Looks Great Though, Love The Colors, And The Lines Rip As Well. 9/10.
KrisSmithDW's avatar
i meant devastation #6. #8 is from an alternate dimension.
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