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Movie UK reprint cover 1

Well some July solicitations have been posted over at and a couple covers i have colored just so happen to be amongst them!

so i'm posting 'em!

This one here is for the reprints of the UK Movie stuff..not sure if its issue 1's cover or not [cuz Ryall posted the Jazz/Ratchet one] but it IS the first of the two images that i colored :P

so we'll see!

Either way i still love how it turned out!

I was inspired by the Blur Studios CGI intro they did for the Transformers Movie Video Game [when they show prime runnin on rooftops and jumping onto megatron...sick stuff] and yeah! hope i captured the feel of it

Anyways enough yammerin!

Lines by Nick Roche
Colors by me :D
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amazing picture. Shame about the films
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now this is badass!!
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Nice job on this, brilliant job of coluring as always.
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Also very epic! Just the way the sun is in the back and all that! oh, very kool!
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Fantastic and full of energy! the bright light just adds to the dynamics <3
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Stunning thank you for sharing:D
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sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt. me is lovin' it!!!! :D :D :D :D
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This is just incredible. The colours and the light being reflected is just so wonderfully done :)
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Like I said on the Allspark (As Moroboshi Ataru), love the sunset effects you figured out here. I'm a big fan of them in photography, too (Not to toot my own horn, but I find sunsets are something I'm obsessed with photographing. Love soft light or glare! ^ ^), and considering Bay likes this type of lighting, too, it's especially appropriate on a movie pic!
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Look pretty bad-ass here. Wonderful work. Is this cover already printed out on the comic?
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thsi cover aint out yet
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Just wondering. Thanks. :3
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Oh MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! this OWNS!!! i love it :highfive: this is epic!
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Awesome, man.

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Very cool dude!
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so is this re-printing the shorts done for the Titan UK Movie comic? if it is i carnt wait to see my one in there, nice work mate
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awesome work!! amazing colors!! :+fav:
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