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Movie Megatron

threw this together this evening

inspired by a fellow artists sketch of the same char:D
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KillMarioLoveBowser's avatar
Dang, he looks hot. o_o
Numa430's avatar
Holy crap he looks awesome i cant wait to see the movie!!
Unicron9's avatar
Wow, Yeah I'd be happy with Megatron looking like that in the movie. Unfortunatly I believe he has just one big red though. Great pic either way!
The-DCE's avatar
I love this and the Movie design, I wish people would stop bitching about it
Irken-Jeans's avatar
Megatron kicks ass. This pic is great.
Zeke-Staright's avatar
Shmexae, can't wait >w<
GodzillaSamurai's avatar
GMHead's avatar
nooooooooooooo Megatron is ruined

and I want to know why the Designer of TF movie Robot have to make the deceptication so damn ugly?
and all the cars in the movie are AMERICAN brands only?

we'll wait for the movie.... but I will not accept less then brute force from Megatron
redspider06's avatar
i lik e the effects, good job man
KrisSmithDW's avatar
Wow, that is REALLY evil looking!
blackheartedhate's avatar
I fave, for the gods would smite me if I did not.

Though I prefer old school Megs-this movie version one really put the fear in me. And yes, I do like the movie version. Your image is like hella awesome; because I really hope after he struts/explodes/pops/breaks outta the ice/ on the big screen that people will finally leave him alone and just be happy he's there-like in this pic. Which makes me happy. And stuff.@_@
JacobSpencerKaiju79's avatar
I like it, but I do like the new design too. It's definately a fresh take on the character, and give it a sinster
feeling to the character.
BenWolfson's avatar
This only proves what I've said from day one--He looks so fcking mean, he likely eats souls and babies.
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
AT the moment I'm gonna be afence sitter. Your art is excellent, no question about it. I like the pose, the design. However I'mso used to 80's Megatron, it'll be hard to see the change. However once I take my fan boyhead off and watch the film, i'm sure it'll work. I hope I haven't caused offence.
Shinjuchan's avatar
It's amazing art -- as it always is from you even if I really don't like this Megatron at all.
blackhellcat's avatar
Not Megatron yet to me.:roll:
Milkshake008's avatar
He's kinda dark....a little too dark ya can't really see any of his detail. But I like it. The starfield is great.
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DeceptMasterJJ's avatar

I agree with zeo-x!
Your work are GREAT! Great lights and everything, but this is not a Megatron, it´s a Crystal Monster!

:P :)
fourth-heir's avatar
Stunning piece of work, Josh! :)

I love the new Megs - it's the best incarnation we've had of the character in 22 years - definitely one for the toyshelf when he's released!
Couiche's avatar
Excelent work
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