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Movie Blackout

a piccy of Movie Blackout
[gawd i love these guys]

actually did this a few weeks back but since blackouts head design was never really seen [that well] i neglected to show it off just yet [as i used my secret references i have for the prequel books to draw it xD]

anyways, hopefully more to come!

i'm thinkin i'll draw something with my movie-ized fan char and the Decepticon Wreckage

should be sweet :D
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Wow! the colouring of all yr work is amazing!
u really capture that Bay atmosphere.

Love this pic of my fav Transformer.
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The helicopter is amazing! I never could make much sense of his face. I think you did a great job of it.
R.I.P. Blackout (a.k.a. "Grindor") Pass this on to show respect...
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cool! blackout is my favorite deepticon from the movie!
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Blackout is my second fave Tftm character:) This picture is awesome!!!:D
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Sweet! Great job on the head design, those movie guys are hard to draw!
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you've gome brilliantly on his helicopter forl, well done!
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Awesome-ness! Saw the movie - totally kicked ass! Especially Blackout's first appearance in the Katar base attack!
u got this from the commic books ba? it looks so alike
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was Blackout created just for the movie, or was he in the oiginal series?
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i love blackout but he dosent talk much and in my DS game he is like chatterbox
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beautiful!!! i love him!!!
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I like How Blackout made an impact in that Transformers Trailer
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*returns, and pets the pretty constrast and the opposing blues and oranges*

So so nice... If I could :+fav: this again, I would!
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confucious say, when blackout come on screen, man come in pants.
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Wow. Nice work on Blackout. At one point that robot would have been Soundwave.
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That head is just plain awesome ^_^
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Blackout is my faviorate from the movie so far. (Maybe cuz I work on the Marine Corps. version of the 53, lol)
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Blackout looks pretty good, and probably better than he will look in the movie. All the movie TFs look pretty awful by my standards (excluding Barricade. I think I have some sort of weird "love" for him).
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Black out is probably the best designed decepticon in the move so far.... (followed closely behind by barricade)

Amazing, especially considering "blackouts head design was never really seen [that well]"
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wow very cinematic!!
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