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MTMTE8 panele

So MTMTE #8 came out this last week and to celebrate, here's a few look at some of my favorite panels from the first few pages :)

Alright! Last one!

Its the DJD disembarking from their ship the "Peaceful Tyranny"

[love it]

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #8 is available now!

Written by James Roberts
Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by :icondcjosh:
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Rarely see Tarn in ALT mode
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question do you use a program to give it that natural comic book feel and if so can you say what it is?
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I use Photoshop for all my digital coloring stuff, including textures and fx and all that :D

For this I used a combination of some paper textures I've found online and just experimented with in Photoshop with, and I used the color halftone filter [set to screen, I think? I cant remember]

A lot of these FX are just the result of experimentation and just finding what works and what doesnt. Messing around with stock texture images and different free brushes that i've run across over the years [on sites like this one, in fact! If you're looking for anything specific do a quick search on here for different textures and photoshop brushes and you should be able to find all kinds of good stuff to play around with!]
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Decepticon Justice Division. Friendly Bunch. Cultured. Efficient. Will absolutely kick you ass.
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That Megatron look a like is awesome.
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Everytime I read a comic, I am blown away by all the art. I will never understand how you make it all so epic! :D Great job, by the way! :D
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haha, thanks!
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and then everyone died. the end
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Peaceful Tyranny, of course!

I kinda thought when I read this that maybe Tarn was a tank in the ship just so that he would have an excuse to transform.
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a pun on megs's motto
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given the fact that tarn is a scholar of megs works...that's hardly surprising
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I think "fanatic" might be a better term.
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zealot is a beter term.
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Oo, zealot, that's an excellent one!
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come on, you know he's a zealot when he quotes megs's writings and has the con symbol for a face.

however, if you look at his chest configuration, it looks like the bot symbol.
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For a Decepticon with a decepitcon symbol for a face hes got an an awfully big Autobot symbol for a chest
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I see it too! heeh!
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Dude! Did not notice that till you pointed it out!
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