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MTMTE8 panelc

So MTMTE #8 came out this last week and to celebrate, here's a few look at some of my favorite panels from the first few pages :)

I put this one up cuz it seems to be a fan favorite :P


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #8 is available now!

Written by James Roberts
Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by :icondcjosh:
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Tailgate's looking bored! Btw, Pipes' silly straw made me giggle! :lol:
Kaizer617's avatar
And people don't believe me when I tell them the Transformers need to eat & drink.
jricht's avatar
Love this scene!

"Quiet in the front row!"
Horseluver3000's avatar
:love: as far as I know about Rewind... HE'S COOL! :3
HaiDaiyu's avatar
Too cute! I want to know what they're watching...
Sil-Pencil's avatar that's an Emergency Induction Port.....
SilverstormWarrior53's avatar
DAWWWW!!! Pipes with his silly straw and Tailgate's head in his hands. They are too cute. :iconomgsocuteplz:
I have just noticed that no one have eyes here. Is it intended? lol
Mariocog's avatar
OMP didn't even notice! Good eye... or should i say "visor"😝
dcjosh's avatar
huh. i have no idea!

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Que the projector!
Lets all go to the Lobby! Lets all go to the Lobby! Lets all go to the Lobby! And get our selves some snacks!
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jeje I love the energon chips =)
Nagi-Oki's avatar
I always did wonder how bots with faceplates refuelled. Thank you for solving the mystery, at least it wasn't a silly straw.
dcjosh's avatar
hehe. it wasnt a silly straw in this particular panel anyways xD
Nagi-Oki's avatar
It's still funny, at least now we know how they "feed" so to speak.
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One of my favorite panels in the issue.
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I LOVE THIS ONE. Everyone is so adorable and that lighting *A* UGHNNN man. When I see the colors and lines for these comics I consider wanting to color my stuff too! you always make the line art, which is AMAZING, come to life;u;
Fan favorite moment?

Yes. So VERY yes!

There'a just something a little wonderful about seeing all these guys interacting and enjoying peacetime, as well as indicating that despite events in previous issues, Swerve, Pipes and Rewind are all doing well ^^

And color-wise, I do dig the colors show that classic illumination from the movie to boot. It's a nice lil attention to detail.

Thanks for sharing up here!
zomgitsalaura's avatar
The energon chips and the straw amuse me the most.
I also love the glowing bits on Rewind.
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