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MTMTE7 paneld

"Can I keep it, Krok? Can I?"

Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by :icondcjosh:

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #7 is available now!
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Because when you are going to be wiping out entire planets, subtlety is not your first priority.
xr201's avatar
guess the decepticons ran out of ideas for their starships just like how they ran out of ideas for tarn's face
jricht's avatar
I guess the Decepticons ran out of ideas for their spaceships?
ArwingPilot114's avatar
Ya know, these guys remind me of the crew from Firefly... XD I hope they end up living at the end! D:
nerdaliztix's avatar
wow this page really stood out like woah mamma that background hubba hubba shading lighting galore yum yum
dcjosh's avatar
haha, thanks :D
HaiDaiyu's avatar
Ooh, I really liked this panel when I read the comic
Aviatrix-Ash's avatar
This is so much awesome!! :D

Ooh lookie, Misfire! X3
exceedinglyspherical's avatar
The ultimate ego ship. I wonder if the Autobots made their own, or whether they thought it tasteless?
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AlphaRaptor2k6's avatar
Now we know What Megatron has been doing, Art.
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
This is glee. Have I told you how much I am loving this series? Seems like I'm buttonholing complete strangers about it, but I'm not sure I've passed the praise on to all of the creators.
Blitz-Wing's avatar
getting some planet of the apes flashbacks looking at this
DiamondAshes's avatar
...Somehow I can see Fulcrum going in a Heston-like rant.
"You maniacs! You blew it up! You destroyed the Decepticon cause!"
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
...And now I cannot unlink them in my mind. :D
LotteBubbles's avatar
God I loved this bit!*hugs oddly unexpected cutness moment*
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