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MTMTE7 panelb

Meet the D.J.D!

Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by :icondcjosh:

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #7 is available now!
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You know you've had it when you're on the DJD's and hunted down like a wild animal! :XD:
dragonnova52's avatar
the true last decepticon leader deceptitron
DanLuna's avatar
The D.J.D. rocks!
Lights321's avatar
OK, there's the guy with the awesome little crossed arms + a pout, an awesome Megatron fanboy, Tesarus  with his SLAGGING UNBELIEVABLE ILLEGAL CUTE X-optics, and Vos attempting a beautiful villain classic pose.



I need to get this series RIGHT NOW.
WhitneyMohrhauser's avatar
Oxymoron. Decepticon Justice.  Heh.  I would love to see the big baddies after 2013
dcjosh's avatar
Decepticon Justice Division

NuclearConvoy's avatar
That is a terrible but awesome name. It trys a little too hard to sound cool, but also hits a certain geek button inside me, reminds me of the Mayhem Attack Squad.
victortky's avatar
I get the creeps when I see this!

DiamondAshes's avatar
So much BAMFiness in just one panel...
(And I can't believe it took me so long to see that the Pet is there too! Hai there)
dcjosh's avatar
haha, yeah! well to be fair, he got covered up by a word balloon in the actual book so :\
multi-comics's avatar
probably the most sadistic and best new characters and team out there. after rung :D
dcjosh's avatar
rung is sadistic???

multi-comics's avatar
lol! i meant the new characters, ...
but wait, who knows how he's going to show up after his recovery?

da na naaaa! (the classic fear and surprise tone)
ailgara's avatar
the DJD woow!
Russetstar's avatar
Tarn:heart: is freakin' awesome
dracostarcloud's avatar
Best part about Logoface: he talks people to death. XD
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
dracostarcloud's avatar
That'd be a great name for him, but sadly the guy's real name is Tarn. According to the TFWiki, each member of this team is named after a Decepticon city on Cybertron.
KashimusPrime's avatar
Tarn is probably the badassest of the badasses c:
CoralSnake's avatar
omg. They're like my new favorite thing EVER *A* your colors always bring the amazing line art to life OMG. Just breath taking
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
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