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MTMTE7 panel

Hey guys! Hadnt gotten around to posting some select panels from MTMTE #7, like i usually do, earlier so here's some for you now!

First up: Black Shadow at work!

Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by :icondcjosh:

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #7 is available now!
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Black Shadow kicking some Autobot aft! :)
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I get the feeling Black Shadow vs the 113th is an event Optimus would rather not discuss. I mean, that kill-count! 0.0
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Boy Black Shadow can hold his own if he can hold off Wreckers, Kup, Hardhead, Ultra Magnus, The 113th and Optimus Prime.
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robot violence is like the best thing EVER FAVING THIS
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Is it sad that the only Wreckers I can identify are Rack'n'Ruin and Impactor?
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Nah it isn't dude, The blue guy to the right is Crest who used to be a Wrecker commander, The guy with the broken arm is Hyperion who also was a field commander for the Wreckers, the red guy in the left is Piston and the white guy in the back is Valve but we don't talk about him.
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Thanks!  Much appreciated, dude!

Valve:  not only are you a traitor, but you have an amazingly embarrassing name.
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The Transformers Wiki is here for all your Transformers needs.
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Ah, TFWiki, my favorite informative comedy site.  <3
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Yep, It's both bad and good for you at the same time :)
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So much better than studying.
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I just realised that the panel borders might reference the Decepticon badge.
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You RULE!!!!
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Impactor, Pyro, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Kup....

Nice colours! I love the variance you've used in each setting.
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Man, I never even noticed Pyro until you mentioned him! /fail Where are Optimus and Magnus, though?
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Pretty sure that's them being beaten up by Black Shadow in the second panel...
At least, that looks like Optimus' helm and colours and Ultra Magnus' shoulders :XD:
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Oh man is that kup with a Gatling gun in the right part of the lower panel?
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