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MTMTE6 panel c

So I just noticed I hadnt put up some pages/panels from MTMTE #6 that came out here just recently

So here we go!

Some hi res peeks at some specially selected panels

MTMTE #6 is out now!

Lines by Nick Roche
Colors by me!


The situation roooom!!

I think i had the most fun doing the colors for the little scenes in here. I just love purpley pink overtone to the room <3

And hey! We get to see Blaster! Who i've decided shall be rocking a more Marvel color scheme here with the yellow face and some blue bits :)
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I like to think that Drift is going "WTF is this shit?"
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i see you Drift =)
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Seeing this pop up on my Watch just made my morning :heart:

Love the moody lighting :)
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haha thanks man :)
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Yay for Marvel-y Blaster! :)
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Josh, you've always been my Art God. But I was looking back at some comics from a few years ago, and realized that EVEN YOU have improved over that time.

Amazon is taking forever, so my pal is actually OVERNIGHTING these comics to me so I can read them and we can discuss. Yea, pals!!!

Anyway, this rambling comment is meant to express my continued admiration for your work.

(And yes, the pink-y glow. I've always loved your glowy stuff. ALWAYS)

/Fangirl Spaz
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I'm always striving to improve. Glad to hear it shows! :)
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Sooo COOOOOL! Maybe one day just maybe....
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