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MTMTE6 panel b

So I just noticed I hadnt put up some pages/panels from MTMTE #6 that came out here just recently

So here we go!

Some hi res peeks at some specially selected panels

MTMTE #6 is out now!

Lines by Nick Roche
Colors by me!


Probably my favorite set of panels from the whole issue

We get to experience a little "deleted scene" kinda thing from Last Stand. A little "how Fort Max became a dismembered living lock pick."

Boy that Overlord. He's somethin else!
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Poor Fortress Maximus. Overlord is a big bully. :(
Enderfox1127's avatar
Nooo. I hate you overlord.
TheAnimalMonster's avatar
Fuck you Overlord, fuck you and your Handsome Squidward face. Fuck you!
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Gives me chills every time time I read this volume.
AnimeJanice's avatar
My friend got me into this comic and I must say that I love it :D
dcjosh's avatar
woo! glad to hear :D
AnimeJanice's avatar
And ur art inspired me to draw Transformers ^_^
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really awesome!
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This some awesome work. I want a giant poster of the top left panel hanging over my kitbashing table. It's so perfectly composed. Colors great as usual.
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this art and coloring actually got me addicted to these comics I didn't even know EXISTED *A* I bought SO MUCH OF THEM over the last two weeks ;u; thank you SO MUCH for posting them so I'd remember to thank you for your awesome inspiring work! AHH~
hanaraad's avatar
So chilling yet so beautiful!
Really makes you feel for poor ol' Fort Max :(
The change in optic colour is really noticeable on this page too.

Gorgeous colours as per usual!! Truly wonderful work!
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I love the parallelism here. Overlord uses one part psychology, one part sadism to take people apart (both physically and mentally). Rung uses one part psychology, one part compassion to put people back together (mentally).
GeyserEelborn's avatar
I didn't even see the "Save me" on the wall. O.o Poor Fort Max!
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All the feels for this issue. ;A;
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Was totally just binkin' along through my DA messages.
Opened this.
Totally yelped and leaped back from the computer.
Overlord scares the slag outta me.
This is epic.

Wait... HE HAS THE TFA MAGNUS HAMMER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Dude, no way.
GeyserEelborn's avatar
Heh, he scares me too. That's why I was pumped to see him in this issue xDD
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