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MTMTE6 panel

So I just noticed I hadnt put up some pages/panels from MTMTE #6 that came out here just recently

So here we go!

Some hi res peeks at some specially selected panels

MTMTE #6 is out now!

Lines by Nick Roche
Colors by me!


It was very cool getting to go back to the Last Stand books to get my color palettes for this and the next panel i've uploaded.

Like greeting an old friend [with luscious lips and who likes to hurt people.... such a rough relationship!]

Also, fun little tidbit, the eagle eyes out there will notice how Fort Max's optics have gone from orange to red since G9

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Overlord is a deranged psychopath that not even the mighty Fortress Maximus can handle!
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Such a sad panel, but your commentary made me crack up. Excellent work!
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I love it!!!!!
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...the optics comment makes me very worried.
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Why did his optics change? Plot-relevant, or just symbolic? (I just thought it was a trick of the light, or the fact that he was injured.)
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more symbolic i think :)

just my little way of showing a bit of psychological change in Max since what he endured on G9

he's changed...and angry >:}
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Good symbolic way of showing it xDDD
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