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MTMTE6 cover

well its almost that time again!

Today MTMTE#6 hits stands and digital devices here: [link]

MTMTE #6 marks the return of the Wrecking Crew [creatively speaking that is!] with James, Nick, and myself taking on writings, artings, and colorings respectively!

If you're a fan of Last Stand of the Wreckers [which there is now a hardcover available to purchase *wink wink subtle shout out*] you'll wanna pick this issue up for sure!

I cant wait to start hearing all the reviews and reading the reactions online. This is quite the issue!
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Poor Fortress Maximus! :(
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this should be the cover for last stand of the wreckers!
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You evil, evil men. That issue tore my heart out and stomped on it. You don't make people laugh and then go and do something like that in one issue. Mean! And then the ending! You fiends! You utter fiends! all I can say without spoiling somone reading this is Go Go Red Alert.

You guys did a great job of making this cover suitably nightmarish, and the limits of the palet with all those cool reds in the foreground is just discomfitting and tense, and works really well. A lot of claustrophobia and fear there. I guess that's what Max probably still sees every time he closes his eyes.
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haha i know. James is a monster! xD

Appreciate the comments on the cover!

Ive seen a lot of people say it harkens back to a panel in Wreckers. Totally wasnt something intentional but. It works!

Fun fact; those arent just random decepticon hands. They're a whole bunch of Overlord hands!

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I actually thought the callback to that panel was intentional, like a warped nightmare from an already nightmarish memory. I'm pretty amused to find that wasn't on purpose!

And that is not a fun fact! That is a terrible fact! Overlord being all the hands just makes it worse! (but thank you for sharing)
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I've got a reaction for you: WHHHHYYYYYY???
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I keep hearing Arnold's voice yelling "GRAB MY HAAAAND!"

you're colors are killing me a good way. Can't wait to read it.
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Love it! So dramatic.
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This is a brutal cover, man. I had been focused on the Rung cover, but I'm glad to have landed this one at the store. Nice work.
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Man, Fort Max cannot get a break form the terrible fates can he?
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I have to say, after only what, a year? of writing Transformers books professionally, James Roberts has come to the forefront of anyone that has penned a comic. Dare I even say, he is about to surpass the great Simon Furman.

And honestly, I feel the team of Roberts on the words, Roche on the art, and you on the colors are the team behind the greatest Transformers stories of the franchise. We need some these tales made into animated films!!
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i would fall over dead if they ever did an Animated Wreckers movie [ala the DC stuff] D:
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Hell, they did Superman/Doomsday. We just need to convince Hasbro that it's a great investment.
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;;;;w;;;; This issue was SO depressing...
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Nothing says welcome back like a case of P T S D!
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Cool cover! Who's the guy in the middle?
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thats Fortress Maximus :D
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IT'S ABOUT TIME! >8O *goes to buy it.*

Now time to impatiently wait for issue 7.
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