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MTMTE5 pg3 Panel

MTMTE #5 hits shelves [and digital devices] today and to celebrate im gonna put up a couple pages/panels from the issue :)

Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by :icondcjosh:

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? Now First Aid has the cross and Ratchet is without a cross! xD
And here I was thinking that that was why Ratchet died in the 1986 movie... becaus eof Canada Red Cross getting all ragey at Hasbro for using their symbol. :/ Or at least that's what I was told... am I wrong? O.o
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Who is the big guy on the left?
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Beside Ratchet? That's Fortress Maximus. By First Aid it's Pharma, and on the floor is Drift, and behind Fortress Maximus is Ambulon. Hope that helps! :3
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It's been a while since I last read TF (backwhen DreamWave was around).

Is Fort still a headmaster?
I dislike the way Fortress Maximus and Scorpinok were 'downsized' back in the day but I understand it's a way to keep them in the story.
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I'm not sure whether Maxy is still a Headmaster, all I know is that I like him. XD
Cool. Any idea when B&N will be getting these for the Nook?
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hm. im not sure on that one
Everyone gathered in one panel. Sweet!
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