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MTMTE5 pg1

MTMTE #5 hits shelves [and digital devices] today and to celebrate im gonna put up a couple pages/panels from the issue :)

Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by :icondcjosh:

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Fortress Maximus teaches the Monoformers a well-deserved lesson, Overlord style! :XD:
TheAnimalMonster's avatar
Btw isn't this the same thing Overlord did to Guzzler in Last Stand of the Wreckers? Love the symbolism right there
dcjosh's avatar
Yep! Definitely intentional :D
TheAnimalMonster's avatar
Fucking called it! *fistpump*

And you....the're the greatest. 
TheAnimalMonster's avatar
"My name is FORTRESS MAXIMUS!" And from that moment on he was one of my most beloved and favourite characters. He deserves a shitton mre fanart than there currently is.
ToaNaruto's avatar
Man, that is one mad, mad, Fort Max! I especially liked how he killed Boom.
destrakon's avatar
who is he breaking in half?
dcjosh's avatar
one of the decepticons from the previous issue. I think his name is Sonic :)
Kingoji's avatar
I don't know why, but the SFX I hear in my head for this one is "Poik!".
dcjosh's avatar

definitely suits the image!
Loadagain's avatar
Fort Max rocks my world. So do you and Alex!
UltraRodimus's avatar
Wow... Fort Max is one pissed mech.

I want to read MTMTE so badly, but there aren't any comic shops within a 7-hour drive of where I live, at the least. And none of the sites I order books from, even the Chapters site I got the Drift arc from, carry this new stuff. I am very bummed.
ishee's avatar
ouch ! ouch ouch oooouch
I know theses are machine but
multi-comics's avatar
probably the only autobot with red eyes :D love the overlord influence and amazing colors.
ToaNaruto's avatar
What about Trailbreaker?
multi-comics's avatar
ah yes, him and pipws
NinjaLIEH's avatar
"You want a piece of me, huh!!??"

""No I want TWO!!!!!"
cassius335's avatar
My thinking entirely.
Lunatron's avatar
The homage to Overlord there is quite terrifying.
JZLobo's avatar
Have we ever seen what Maximus transforms into yet?
dcjosh's avatar
hm. nope!

But Alex says its a tank :D
JZLobo's avatar
Good to know.
twincastX's avatar
Fortress "HardCore" Maximus!!!
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