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MTMTE4 pg6

**awwww what the heck. i was just gonna post the first 5 but i really love how pg 6 turned out :P

cheers to to my friends friend for suggesting the colors for Rodimus' quarters! I love how even though Rodimus himself is red we give a little shout out to the magenta and orange colors of G1 ;)

So MTMTE #4 came out here recently! Noticed I forgot to put up anything more besides the cover so here's the first 5 pages unlettered! maybe now you can spot a few more background "thangs" goin on that was maybe covered up ;)

Lines by Alex Milne :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by me! :icondcjosh:!

Also, check out the creator commentary we did over on the Transformers Facebook page!


[hopefully the link works for ya :P ]
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I adore that you homaged how Marvel Hot Rod was magenta due to the printing process being not as sophisticated back then. You are wonderful and awesome.
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If you mean pink, why not just say it? ;) j/k j/k!

This whole conversation fits very well into that room, and even more than that, fits Rodimus pretty damn well X)

How long does it usually take for planning color schemes and actually putting it in action as a final product? Sorry if it's been asked thousands of times before.
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ya know it probably doesnt take long to come up with the color schemes for the different rooms, but i do think about it and base it on where it is, what kind of room it is, who's in it [or who it belongs to], and try to make it different and stand out compared to any other locations we see in that particular issue. It helps when you have a lot of cutting between locations like James likes to do. I like for them to be instantly recognizable so the reader isnt stuck going "now where am i again?"
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I actually never have thought about it like that. Probably because I don't like decorating rooms myself and I like it plain and simple. Not all are like me and I should stop thinking from my own perspective all the time, and think of it like you said: from the character(s)'s perspective. Thanks for opening my eyes! Gawd, I feel so stupid :faint: Thanks for your time :heart:
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this is great man! love the textures you are using. I love this page layout too! So old school!