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MTMTE4 pg2/3

So MTMTE #4 came out here recently! Noticed I forgot to put up anything more besides the cover so here's the first 5 pages unlettered! maybe now you can spot a few more background "thangs" goin on that was maybe covered up ;)

Lines by Alex Milne :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by me! :icondcjosh:!

Also, check out the creator commentary we did over on the Transformers Facebook page!


[hopefully the link works for ya :P ]
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I was so upset when I accidentally saw the spoilers an the internet and learned what happened to Pharma. I really liked him! D: Oh well. That's life. :)
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daww... sorry to hear you got spoiled! i hate that xD
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Me too. You know Warriors? Written by Erin Hunter? I was so into the series when all of the sudden, the internets leaked and over half the series I know what happens now! D: Mrph. Spoilers. :/ Oh well. What can ya do?
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The Monoformers appear to be recoloured Topspin and Twin Twist without alternate mode parts. This amuses me.
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I am going to be so upset if the Monoformers die. They don't even have names yet and I've become super attached.
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Dude, I truly mean it when I say that this book and LSotW are the best TF comics I've ever read, visually and storywise. It took a lot to say that, as I'm a MASSIVE fan of the Furman/Senior stuff. I'm saying this here and now because it's your colours, man. They just look so awesome against Alex and Nick's lines. It's such an unusual palette and there's no mistaking it.

MtMtE is literally the only comic I buy these days.
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thanks! i really appreciate it :D
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