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MTMTE4 pg 4

So MTMTE #4 came out here recently! Noticed I forgot to put up anything more besides the cover so here's the first 5 pages unlettered! maybe now you can spot a few more background "thangs" goin on that was maybe covered up ;)

Lines by Alex Milne :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by me! :icondcjosh:!

Also, check out the creator commentary we did over on the Transformers Facebook page!


[hopefully the link works for ya :P ]
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Sweet!I see Sunny and Bob the Insecticon!
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I love all the details in the background, like the curly straw and Skids stealing the waiter bot and Bob the Insecticon.
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XD I hadn't realized Bob and Sunny were back there until a friend of mine told me... XD I was SO glad to see him again, and BOB too!! He's just an amazing character, he couldn't be left behind!

Amazing art, like always!!!!! You guys are probably the best thing that could have ever possibly happened to Transformers <3
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LOL Ratchet has the tiniest drink ever made. 8D
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I see bob the insecticon!!