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MTMTE10 pg7

Thats right folks!

MTMTE #10 aka Shadowplay pt2 is out this week!

And to celebrate, here's a clean look at some pages!

Script by James Roberts
Lines by :iconmarkerguru:
Colors by :icondcjosh:
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One of my favorite pages of the whole series so far XD So much Cyclonus love! Regarding one of the comments on this, I'm also a huge fan of how bright the colors in this series are, it makes everything pop and gives it a very lively feel, adds to the excitement of the action! There's also just something about it that makes it feel so fresh and new, I like that it isn't dark and grungy. As we saw with the DJD's introduction, your use of bright colors works for even the darker events in the series, if anything it makes them more memorable and-- *goes on for a few more hours about how awesome your colors are and how well they distinguish mtmte as a series*
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I am really, REALLY digging Cyclonus' character in this series.
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more reasons to love Cyclonus <3
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Damn I love this page so much

The colors are as beautiful as always and I guess I feel dumb for stating such blunt things but you guys can't believe how much I'm in love with this comic like really it’s my fav comic of all time ;_; and I try to get everyone I know to read it because of reasons.

One friend I tried to get in who sadly didn’t give it a chance yet (but I guess it’s more a thing of her having problems to coming back into the TF franchise in general) she said the colors are too happy and cute especially with all the robot gore scenes.

Idk about that I’m in love with the coloration and like the light atmosphere it always brings into the settings.

So don’t change that *u*

all my love~
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Dream team right there!
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