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MTMTE cast leftovers

And it wouldnt be convention season without a new cast print from Nick Roche and myself!
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Roll call left to right: Star Saber, Lockdown, big creepy red Autobot with a lion-like mane, Froid, Leozack, Ironbison, Hellbat, Guyhawk, Drillhorn, Jallguar, Nickel, Deathcobra, Deathsaurus, and the guy behind Hellbat and Froid.
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The big creepy red autobot one is Sunder and the other one is Blue Bacchus not Hellbat

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amazing drawing  x3 
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Its nice to see the characters from Transformers Victory being used in here in the US besides the Micromasters.
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FFF Now I need more room on my wall!
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Am I the only one that don't really like Drillhorns new design?? Awe well.Shrug 
I have not read the latest comics yet so I hope they at least keep the personalities of the Breastforce members (yes that's what they are calledRoll Eyes ).

Leozack: A more charistmatic version of Starscream.
Guyhawk: He is like a mini Sixshot. Super arrogant but very talented.
Drillhorn: Wise old strategist.  
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MMmmmm... YES! Just what I needed. May you and Nick keep doing these!!
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This is not MTMTE cast. This is Transformers Victory reboot cast XD XD XD XD
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And the rest of the baddies get a look in!
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Nickel is going "What do you mean Leftovers?!"
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One of this days I got to draw Nickel in my style like not shorty but half taller in a way
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Styling and color pop'n
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Hey uh… who are the two behind Froid and Hellbat?
Oh my gosh. Look at grumpy, little Nickel. Ahh, too precious. Gorgeous piece of art. *v*
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Seeing the comics' portrayal of Star Saber, Deathsaurus, Leozack and the guys huddled together like this is surreal. Love it.
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Yeah! Pretty surreal. Love those japanese characters! Excited to see em brought over for new stories :D
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Even Deathcobra, no less! Seeing what happened to Hellbat in Empire of Stone made me seriously worried they were purposefully making it impossible for an eventual Liokaiser combination to happen, but nope! Just give  'em a few years, maybe.
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