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MTMTE Season 2

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Another in the series of MTMTE cast pics by Nick Roche and myself!
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the new-comers. 
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whos the the big golden fellow on the right ?
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Love the designs and art so far in the comics! For some reason, the character I'm currently intrigued by this season is(slightly docile)Ravage. It's nice to see him actually operate separate from Soundwave for once, and talk too.

...and, for the love of God, could someone fix Ten?!
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Can you please make this available for purchase online?
I've got both Season 1 cast portraits signed by Roche but can't afford to go all the way to a con just for one print :(
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Everyone's like, "What the hell is he doing here?" Can't blame them, though. It's weird.

Looking forward to what comes next!
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That's a real motley crew Megatron's leading.
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Great work! How did you get that grainy/metallic effect on their bodies?
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Its just a texture I cobbled together using different hi res photos of concrete and worn paper and stuff like that. I use that texture on most my stuff :D
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Looks like no-one but Ravage wants to be Meggie's friend :C
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OF all the things in this picture, Ravage is the one that intrigues me the most.  Also, how does it feel to have toy companies now using your art designs for toy designs. That's gotta feel real good.
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What an amazing print!
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sooo cool!!!! hahaha poor Megs but I don't trust him neither
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I dunno, I think Megs is sincere with what he's doing.  Prime had his "midlife crisis" with the corrupted Legacy of the Primes. Now it's Meg's turn to have one after having looked into the mirror and not liking what he saw, so to speak.  It's been both interesting and entertaining to see (former?) antagonists deal with "problems" that usually only plague the protagonists.
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well yeah, after the 32 episode of MTMTE, the small but intense conversation with Ravage, I think he is sincere but I don't know what to expect, I mean, this writer are awesome cunts!!! I love them but every MTMTE and RID my heart shakes XD
but thanks dude for your comment!
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Is Getaway trying to steal Brainstorm's briefcase? XD
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he might try to unlock the case ~ XD
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He must be stopped, no matter the cost. ;)
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Brainstorm looks awesome~
Everyone looks awesome!!
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It;s still freaks me out, the former Leader of the Decepticons now an Autobot
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Megatron Megatron shish boom ba!...I got nothin....GO MEGATRON! 

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Eh? I thought Fort Max left.
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