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MTMTE 7 cover

Todays the day folks!

The much anticipated Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye issue #7 hits shelves and digital devices everywhere!


This here is the cover Nick Roche and I had done for the issue!

Hope you guys pick it up! Totally anxious to hear everyones thoughts :)
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Probably my favourite issue cover of all time. Great fucking work right there!
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Crazy cuties!! XD <3 
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I am big fan of the Glitch club.  I grammar abuse them on regular bases. 

Misfire is my favorite.   Sorry for the impromptu comment.  I notice the date after I finish the comments.
Mad-Countess's avatar
Misfire is such a hilarious Decepticon, I loved how he introduced his crew X)
The colors and the linearts are just atonishing!
dcjosh's avatar
Yeah Misfire's definitely a new favorite of mine :D

EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
I don't know who any of these Deceptiocons are:iconsobplz:
dcjosh's avatar
heh, by the time you finish reading the issue you'll have fallen in love with them :D
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
I haven't bought a TF book since DreamWave.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Marvel Transformers, the last half of the run got much better though. What I did like, in retrospect, was the series stayed in one house and lasted a long time.

Once DreamWave came in and flamed out, and the license moved again, I got fatigued with the changes and 'quit' TF.

I see you coloring awesome art and I yearn for the days of old when I would be anxious for the next issue.
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start readin MTMTE!
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
I'll check out some trades next time I pass by a comic shop.
Jam-Wah's avatar
Seriously, it's the most intelligently-written, relatable, dramatic and downright funny Transformers comic since... well, ever.

I was a fan of Furman's TF stories, but never really enjoyed any other writer's take until now. I can't recommend it highly enough.
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
WheelJack-S70's avatar
I cant' wait to read this.
RD-Blade's avatar
Reminds me of the Murphy death scene in Robocop.
Pikaseel's avatar
Misfire was great.
MakoRedEyes's avatar
OMG these guys were such a riot~ LOVE the group shot of them together XD
MaxArel's avatar
I always love it when you and Nick Roche work together!

Also, I can just hear the front character going "Ohai, Mark!"
GeyserEelborn's avatar
Just finished the issue. One of my favorites yet!
Nari-Maruko's avatar
It's really cool to see what the Decepticon troops are like, outside of the Big Names and such. They really just seem like regular, quirky, fun guys.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Read the issue and loved it! I'm kind of sad because these Decepticons were awesome and interesting and I know that means they're all dead next issue. Damn it.
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
Can you tell me who the 'Cons on the cover are?

I stopped with comics back when DreamWave went down in a huge ball of flames.
clem-master-janitor's avatar
The should probably be listed on TFwiki's site now that it has been about a week since its release... or would be if the dang site was loading. Outside of looking there, I can't remember their names to save my hide.
xenotechnophile's avatar
Oh man, you guys did great! Totally in love with adorable Decepticons. And I think this is the first issue of the series where something didn't go terribly, horrendously wrong and somebody died! :D
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