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MTMTE 44 cover

By dcjosh
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And brand new solicits just came out today revealing issue 44's cover!

Lines by Nick Roche!
Colors by me :)
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"War... War never changes."
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"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."

"Lest We Forget."

The "ANZAC" Ode.
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OK, from what I understand, Megs is showing deep regret for his past sins. Very nice. Kinda reminds me of Prime Megatron.

"Because I now know the true meaning of oppression. And have thus lost my taste for inflicting it."

"As even Metatron has demonstrated on this day, every sentient being possess the capacity for change."

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the price of freedom.
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This is thought-provoking.
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Wow, breathtaking. I think you and Roche really captured the most paradoxical thing about places like this; they're so somber and sad but still so beautiful and peaceful. Then there's the whole matter of Megatron being there, clearly saddened or moved at the very least. I love what the team with IDW has done with Megatron, because in no other continuity thus far could it have been believable for him to change sides. The depth and emotion the stories and art give him are amazing, and he's one of my favourite characters in the series, which hasn't always been the case until IDW when his past was elaborated upon.
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Seeing what happened in issue 41....this doesn't bode well.
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This issue is going to wreck us is it?
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Aww, you just made me cry over robots :(
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This piece makes me weep for some reason... Don't know why, but I feel it hides something good (heart-wise).
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Well this doesn't bode well.
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I don't think it matters exactly who's grave Megatron is standing next to, because for better or worse, his actions directly or indirectly put most of those Autobots in the ground.  Metaphorically speaking, that entire graveyard is the weight on Megatron's Spark.
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You are right. Megatron is responsable of those Autobot´s death. 
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Not bad, looks like Megatron's visiting IDW Bumblebee's grave since he had come to respect Bumblebee before Bumblebee died during the Dark Cybertron incident.
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A really sombre piece here, nice work from you and Roche!
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Fantastic, simply but really effective
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Wonder whose grave he's visiting...
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Trailcutter's grave?
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Oh... Ouch. That didn't hurt at all. Didn't need that beating thing anyway. :'D
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o.ou oops...I will try to re-install your fuel pump Fulcrum...
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My heart is so confused. I don't know if, as a Decepticon lover, I should be happy or sad. Dammit, Megs, get it together!
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...is that Megatron????
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