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MTMTE 42 cover

Aaaaaaand here's the cover to MTMTE issue 42!

Lines by Nick Roche!
Colors by me :)
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Transformers have raves?
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cuteness level : maximum
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Awesome and creative!
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I never seen such a sexy robot before
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Featured Here -> Little Piece of Summer <- ! Love this cover, I really need to get my hands on it eventually as a print.
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Man, so many great covers in a row here, but I'd expect no less form MTMTE! 
I love just how quickly I became acclimatized to Nautica after she joined the cast, I honestly have to remind myself she wasn't part of the launch crew sometimes, she has such awesome banter with the rest of the crew. Post Dark Cybertron MTMTE is a masterpiece, somehow outdoing the previous works up to that point. 
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Man THIS IS AMAZING! Nautica woo! Also, GO RUN GO!!!
Oh and Rodimus....
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The second this picture loaded Uptown Funk came on my iPod's shuffle lord help
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I see you back there Rung, being a cutie. Love this cover, I really need it! :D
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This is just too cute.
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This cover is making me quietly go "OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ" and flick the lightswitch up and down. 
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She looks like she's doing the Carlton dance.  Adorably.  <3
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Rung's got some killer moves. :XD:
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Gorgeous cover ! Love it ! Nautica is a gem ! :aww:
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