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MTMTE 34 cover

By dcjosh
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And here's the cover for MTMTE #34, as seen in some recent solicitations!

Lines by Nick Roche
colors by me!

I've got covers for 32 and 35 done but I dont think they've been shown off anywhere so i'll hold back on posting those [for now!] :D
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Epic! The mood in this picture combined with the knowlegde who he will be in the future... his shadow will come true! Outstanding!

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Powerful image that, great work there. Also I didn't know that helmet thing was removable. Changes him a lot but I guess that's the point.
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Talk about foreSHADOWING!
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It seems he can never escape the crimes he's committed all over the universe.
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OK, I have a serious question about this. 
To me, that lamplight CRIES OUT to be purplish. In contrast to the warm brown overall tone. (and also, SYMBOLIC, of course.) This is my favorite TF cover of all time, so take that into consideration when I say that, to me, the monochrome color pallet seems to flatten it and obscure details, when a little hint of complimentary color might have added to the impact.

Your thoughts/rejoinders/thrown cleavers? 
(If you do respond, thank for taking the time!!)
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You're probably right!
Actually youve inspired me to tweet some process pics of this cover!
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And now, having haunted Teh Twitter...

I see where trying to use both the gold and the purple was problematic. IF Nick lets me try my hand at this, I plan on only having purplish light from the lamp hitting the highlights on ol' Megs, and letting the rest be gold-brown like the cover you did. I just want to see how it looks. And I printed it on my beloved textured paper, so I can do kewl texturey things........ (Seriously, bro, TEXTURED PAPER. It is the sauce. I blinkin' bought out the last few precious sheets when the local shop stopped stocking this STUPENDOUS certain type.....)

And no, you did not hear me say I'd already printed the cover out.

I have to color it, or die. If Nick never says yes, I'll just color it and never show anyone; then keep it in a dark basement room, where I'll get it out on dark nights, and stare at it by candlelight while Brahms plays, and a single tear runs down my cheek...
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I shall haunt the Twitter, then. :)

(I need to pester Nick again and see if he'll let me throw my own colors on this......... and make the lamplight Purple! But alas, I fail at keeping even simple requests to under 144 characters.)
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I never +fave the cover arts of TF comics by IDW's official artists before because there's too many amazing drawings and my fave gallery will blow up. But this art...how wonderful and awesome it is! Not many TF artists draw Megatron on writing at a desk, but this is exactly his origin and that's why IDW Megatron become my hero. This art really encouraged me. Love love love! :love:
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nice work, I forgot his helmet can come off
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Seriously, this is phenomenal. 
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You know, I think this is my favourite cover I've seen in a while and I couldn't even tell you why! Maybe it's because Megatron's in a natural setting. Maybe it's because I find that colouring incredibly atmospheric. Maybe it's because in some strange way it reminds me of something out Tales of Symphonia. Anyways, incredible job on this colouring! I love the lighting and colour theory with all the browns. :)
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Thanks!!! :3
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Like I squeebled to Nick, this is my Favorite TF Cover of ALL TIME. I just about threatened my comic suppliers with bodily harm if they mess up my order again and don't get me this cover. 
All the love, young sir. All the love.
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Really atmospheric pic.
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Is he writing with a stylus on a touchscreen datapad?
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