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MTMTE 31 cover

Hey guys! New solicits have been released showing off the Nick Roche drawn variant cover I got to color!
Free internet high-five to anyone who can guess who's who!
[it'll be easier once 29 comes out, hah]
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Anyone wanna name them?
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Rewind and chromedome should be together, but AWESOME JOB
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rewind was dead when this comic came out
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Oh dear... I'd love this as a poster! *__*
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Do you know what IDW looks for with new Graphic Desingers?
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Unfortunately, I'm not really sure! :T
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seeing megs with an autobot symbol still whacks me out,gotta get the paperbacks of all the books i missed...
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Tailgate! Little Buddy is still kicking! Heck yeah!
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Maybe this is when Dipstick goes offline. Ok, here goes.
Blaster, Gears?, First Aid, Huffer, Highbrow, Cyclonus, Nightbeat, Megatron, Chromedome, Tailgate, Nautica, Ratchet, Skids, Getaway, Hound, Crosscut, Dipstick
I have no idea who that guy next to Huffer and Cyclonus is.
Thanks for the list; the unknown guy is Riptide, he was named at the Crewditions :)
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Also, I thought the guy in the bottom left corner was Crosscut, but he's actually Hoist.
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Oh, I actually didn't know about him until Alex Milne posted art of him. I buy the trade paperbacks, so I'm only halfway through Dark Cybertron, but I know all about the other half.
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I think Wingblade should have a love interest.
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I..I know that. I miss typed by mistake! Sorry!
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I wonder what the colours meeeean.
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Am I the only one thinking the guy next to Huffer might be Whirl...with a new head? I dunno why I'm getting that vibe...
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Have not been following (i.e. buying/reading) any comic so I don't know half of the cast. the ones I think I can recognize (which are painfully obvious) are: Cyclonus, Megatron, Acree, Tailgate, Brainstorm and Hound.
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That's actually Nautica, not Arcee.
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My bad, but as stated I have not been following any comic lately so I don't know.
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No worries, I made mistakes as well. I thought that Hoist was actually Crosscut.
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