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MTMTE #15 Cover

Since this cover seems to be making its rounds about the interwebz

Here's my original version of the cover! [TF logo is different on the published version]

Drawn by Nick Roche!
Colours by me!
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Kaddson's avatar
This would look awesome as a pring QwQ
Teanira's avatar
this is some freaky lips
ArwingPilot114's avatar
I don't know why... but this cover reminded me of James Bond... Goldfinger? Man with the Golden Gun? I can't remember which movie, but I was like JAMES BOND TRANSFORMERS :iconoptimussuperw00tplz:
clem-master-janitor's avatar
I know I'm going to be heart broken with the first rounds of death in this issue.
Also, when are you guys going to start hammering Hasbro/Takara for a real Overlord with the proper, luscious lips? I'd enjoy just having a nice figure of him to stare down upon me menacingly.
dcjosh's avatar
i would buy the heck out of a new overlord figure <3
clem-master-janitor's avatar
Are you thinking about anteing up for the definitely not Overlord "Novalord" if it comes to fruition? The concept looks promising but it lacks those awesome Overlord facial features.
benracer's avatar
Don't know why but this reminds me of G1 US issue #50
exceedinglyspherical's avatar
Nice cover. Man, this issue is going to kick the fandom's ass from here to next week. Can't wait.
Diz-iz-Madnezz-XD's avatar
Dear god, I finished reading MTMTE #14 and I am honestly terrified for what the next issue will bring. Truly, the worst part is that I know some bot (or bots) will die, and I can't say this cover is helping my paranoia. :iconfinallyplz:
Actually when I saw this I initially thought of the rocky horror picture show
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
Poor Josh. You post these colors, and the pronstalkers go wild.
This does give me the heebie-jeebies, though. Not in the way Alex's terrifying cover for #14 does, but more in the way some of Salvador Dali's stuff does. "I don't get this and I'm not sure I want to but I'm pretty certain it's gonna show up in my nightmares" type of thing. I do wish that boy Nick would get his bum onto DA so I could pick his brain about the thought process behind this.
Colors-wise: nice use of the power of complementary colors! :fear:
dcjosh's avatar
heh, yeah! This was definitely a fun one to color because its so "odd"

kinda reminds me of a James Bond intro or something. they always have those just out there crazy borderline disturbing things going on and you're just like o___O???? but somehow it just works :P

I definitely had the Batman TAS title cards as an inspiration for this. The title of the issue is so great that I just HAD to work it into the cover here, and it worked so well! Making the 'cold blue stars' Overlord, I just thought, was a great idea. I dunno if its what Nick had intended or not but i like the end result! Definitely one of my favorite covers to have worked on <3
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
I gotta watch Batman TAS. I keep hearing excellent things about it. (Now ask me when I'll find the time...)
James Bond intro: Yes. I shall now think of it that way and be less eeep! about it.
Kaizer617's avatar
Who's mouth is that?
PumpkinFluff's avatar
I swear, I'm gonna have to resist the urge to frame this and hang it in my office.
arceeenergon's avatar
hehehehe yyyeess Lips XD
Pikaseel's avatar
Freaking Overlips man.

He could suffocate people with those monsters.
GuidoGuidi's avatar
Lunatron's avatar
Rodimus, get out of Overlord's mouth. >|
blue-blade32's avatar
kinda reminds me of the episode title frames from batman animated series
6thClone's avatar
Best cover. Ever.
toasterover's avatar
Goddamit, you want ovaries to explode everywhere ?
PriscillaTR's avatar

I feel like kissing the screen. :I
dcjosh's avatar
give into your feels ;3
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