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MTMTE 12 cover

So MTMTE #12 is just a couple days away, and you know what that means? PREVIEW

Head on over to Full Metal Hero to check it out!

and enjoy the alt. cover Nick Roche and I done did up for the issue!
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Really hope we get a Rodimus figure based on this design. He looks so epic!
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Stand up and walk
into the fire
The higher the flame, the harder the fight
This is the time, it's down to the wild (just think: wire XP)
You know what it takes to survive

In the heat of the battle

Stan Bush

Yep, I sure liked this one when I saw it in the comic :D
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I Think Ultra Magnus is thinking i won't hit this Guy, But he keeps hitting Me!
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XD Okay, so funny story about this cover.
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED about the impending stupid I'm about to type.

Whenever I see this picture, I always am imagining Magnus having major "constipation" or "farting" issues (IF giant robots are capable of either...) that's the reason WHY his shoulder rocket launchers are going off!! :dummy:
BEST. LOGIC. EVER. :iconbummiesplz:
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Ultra Magnus has huge hands.
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I am now convinced that Ultra Magnus has the most powerful shoulders in the universe.
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is there a reason for a backwards 七 to be in the signature? just curious
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hehe, its my signature! its a fancified "J"
hadnt known of that symbol though! curious!
any idea what it means?
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it means 7 in mandarin
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pew pew pew shoom pew pew
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Ultra Magnus' shoulders remind me of the SDF-1.
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I have got to get this cover!
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wow this looks so awesome
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